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Background about Pascuales, Ecuador

Pascuales is located approximately 10.5 km to the North of the city of Guayaquil. It was founded 113 years ago as one of the many residential sectors which surround the city. According to the Fifth Population Census taken in 2001, Pascuales has approximately 36,459 habitants.  It is believed that the actual population in 2006 is closer to 40,000.

The economic activities include: 

  • Construction work (bricklayers, painters, construction engineers)
  • Brick Making (a trade which can be traced back to the native inhabitants of Pascuales)
  • Commerce (both formal and informal)
  • Agriculture (sowing of rice)
  • Poultry
  • Work in nearby factories
  • Work in the city of Guayaquil (guards, cleaning ladies, nannies, etc.)

Basic Infrastructure


  • 6 Public Elementary Schools
  • 18 Private Elementary Schools
  • 3 Public High Schools
  • 6 Private High Schools


  • 1 Health Center run by the Ministry of Public Health
  • 6 Private Medical Centers
  • Doctors that hold consultations in private houses (without legal permission)


  • 1 Police station


  • 11 Churches (Evangelic and Catholic)


  • Interparroquial: Bus Company of Pascuales (45 min. Trip from Guayaquil)
  • Within Pascuales: 4 Motorbike Companies (one 1 operates legally with approval of the ministry)


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